Business Negotiation Expert Shares Practical Negotiation Principles

Negotiation expert and author Mladen Kresic distills decades of actionable
knowledge into The Six Principles™ that Deliver Winning Negotiations

Ridgefield, Conn. – (August 23, 2011) – Mladen Kresic, CEO and founder of K&R Negotiations, today announced the release of his company’s strategic whitepaper, The Six Principles that Deliver Winning Negotiations. Subtitled How to Win More and Win Faster in Any Kind of Negotiation, this informative executive-level document covers the six principles critical to negotiating successfully:

  • Principle 1: M.O.R.E. preparation is key to a winning negotiation.
  • Principle 2: Protect your weaknesses, utilize theirs.
  • Principle 3: A team divided is a costly team.
  • Principle 4: Concessions easily given appear of little value.
  • Principle 5: Negotiation is a continuous process.
  • Principle 6: Terms cost money; someone pays the tab.

“There are six universal and underlying principles of negotiation that serve as a guide for creating winning conditions, regardless of what is being negotiated, or with whom,” says Kresic. “This K&R whitepaper outlines these six principles and why they’re important for creating positive outcomes — so both parties can leave the table with their major objectives met and satisfied with the value they have received. We created this whitepaper to remind people how to negotiate wisely and create win-win outcomes.”

The whitepaper is available at the K&R website: or for immediate download at

About K&R Negotiations

K&R Negotiation Associates, LLC, is a consulting firm specializing in structuring and negotiating business transactions around the world. The company is comprised of professional negotiators, sales executives, and business attorneys. K&R professionals average over 20 years of professional negotiation experience and apply a results-driven methodology to change negotiation behaviors and improve negotiating success. K&R’s clients include Fortune 200 companies such as IBM, EMC and Xerox, as well as smaller companies such as Bristol Technology (now part of HP), Priceline, SEI and others.

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