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Delivering Our Proven Negotiation Coursework Makes You a Star to your Clients and Associates

At its heart, negotiation is all about value: defining it and delivering it to create the long-lasting relationships in which you and your team are indispensable to the success of everybody around you. A partnership with K&R Negotiations boosts your value to everybody in your network – colleagues, partners and clients alike.

K&R’s pedigree in training business people to achieve the best mutual outcomes in complex terrain is unmatched. Our proven and proprietary coursework is the cornerstone for a partnership that gives you two ways to offer your clients and colleagues better outcomes at the negotiating table – and three ways to build your credibility and revenue.

Why Partner with K&R?

  • Create new business opportunities by entering new markets
  • Broaden your offerings and value to partners and clients
  • Create an immediate new revenue stream
  • You’re backed by the best methodology and practitioners in negotiation

There are Three Ways to Participate


K&R Negotiation workshops deliver unique expertise in everything from partnership to sales to joint venture negotiations. You can help give your clients and partners the knowledge that good negotiators use to positively affect outcomes and create win/win relationships.

When you refer a workshop client to K&R, you will receive a portion of workshop fees for the referral.


As an Associate you are part of the core K&R team, working hand in hand with other K&R professionals.


As an Affiliate, you can offer the K&R Programs, on an arms-length basis, because you are already in the consulting or training business.

Partnering as an Associate or an Affiliate gives you an even bigger share of the success. With K&R’s guidance, you can conduct your own negotiation workshop using our proprietary curricula and negotiation teaching methods.

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