K&R Negotiations Launches E-Learning Program in Negotiation Fundamentals

Self-Guided Online Program Offers Aspiring Negotiators an Introduction to the Meaning of
Negotiations, Influence of Credibility and Leverage and the Critical Concept of Principled Concessions

DANBURY, Conn. – Jan 6, 2017K&R Negotiations today announced the launch of its e-learning program, “Fundamentals of Negotiation.” The self-guided online approach offers aspiring negotiators a quick introduction to principles of successful negotiations.

Each program module features interactive Q&As to help students apply and retain what they’ve learned. The modules focus on three main areas:

  • Introduction to Negotiation: This module demystifies the practice of negotiation and introduces fundamental concepts.
  • Credibility & Leverage: Learn how these interlocking principles create powerful dynamics that move the other side closer to your desired position — without coercion or intimidation.
  • Principled Concessions: See how to make every exchange value-based instead of leaving money on the table or giving things away unnecessarily.

These fundamental courses are based on K&R’s decades of experience as negotiators, trainers and consultants for some of the world’s leading organizations. Businesspeople who want to build a foundation for improving outcomes in negotiation can take all three modules online for $94.50.

“These three courses will give aspiring business negotiators solid building blocks for improving a practice that everybody has to engage in at some point in their career,” said Mladen Kresic, CEO and co-founder of K&R Negotiations. “Many people are intimidated by the negotiation process, but it is easy to improve if you understand its mechanics and break the process down into steps.”

About K&R Negotiations

Mladen Kresic is founder and CEO of K&R Negotiations LLC. He has more than 30 years’ experience negotiating business transactions both as an attorney and businessman. Prior to forming K&R he served as counsel to a number of different IBM businesses and as General Counsel and Board member of Bristol Technology. He has appeared as a guest lecturer at the MIT Enterprise Forum, Yale School of Business and a keynote speaker with the International Licensing Executives Society.

K&R Negotiation Associates, LLC, is a consulting firm specializing in structuring and negotiating business transactions around the world. The company is comprised of professional negotiators, sales executives, and business attorneys. K&R professionals average over 20 years of professional negotiation experience and apply a results-driven methodology to change sales and negotiation behaviors and improve negotiating success. K&R’s clients include Fortune 200 companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, EMC and Xerox, as well as smaller companies such as Merkle, Aricent and Priceline. For more information, please visit www.negotiators.com.

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