K&R Negotiations Surpasses $2.05B in Client Deals Closed

Proof of Firm’s Win Wisely™ Approach Shows in 19 Years of More,
Bigger and Better Deals for Clients in Industries Spanning the Globe

Ridgefield, Conn. – October 3, 2012 – Global negotiation leader K&R Negotiations clients reported that they have, with K&R’s assistance, closed in excess of $2.05B worth of sales and strategic transactions since 2009. These deals were a result of both direct consultancy from K&R team members and a complete curriculum of negotiation and sales skill training for sales, procurement and management. The data on the amount of revenue generated was compiled from post-training attendee surveys and deals in which K&R Negotiations participated. Per K&R clients, the incremental improvement over expectations for those deals exceeds $514M.

K&R Negotiations established itself early as a leader in the software and technology negotiation field, parlaying CEO and co-founder Mladen Kresic’s experience as a counsel for IBM into lucrative deal-making and consulting for K&R’s clients. The company leveraged a proprietary, value-based approach to negotiations that helped both technology vendors and buyers improve the value of their deals and form profitable, long-lasting relationships.

K&R initially served technology giants such as IBM, Kodak and Xerox. Since then, the company has added clients in a variety of industries, including companies such as Dell, EMC, SEI, Bristol, Pitney Bowes and others. K&R has grown the ranks of its associates across the world and has assisted clients in over 40 countries and every inhabited continent.

The K&R Negotiations Win Wisely™ methodology provides insight and practices that companies can immediately apply to shorten sales cycles, improve deal size, and create negotiation processes where all parties walk away satisfied with the value they have received. K&R Negotiations has won high marks for its negotiation training from its clients, who have applied the knowledge to outstanding effect. Among the highlights:

  • A large, multi-year software and software support sale that helped an automotive manufacturer realize 6.7M€ of revenue in their current fiscal year, and 60.2M€ additional revenue within two years
  • A deal that helped a technology service provider avoid expensive guarantees and rebates to preserve a $2.3 million sale
  • A global energy company that closed a software deal for $2 million more than expected – all with application of K&R Negotiations’ principles of negotiations
  • A services company that closed a long-unsigned deal for £500K within one day after applying K&R’s advice

Kevin Blackwell, former vice president of sales and marketing at NERAC, said, “It was no longer a ‘debate’ with our clients, and it meant that we could start selling more services. Deal size tripled as we applied our skills and focused on the accounts that would help the company grow faster.”

“Whether you’re in sales, procurement or any leadership position where your decisions will impact the financial health of your organization, there is no facet of your business that isn’t improved by better negotiation skills,” said Mladen Kresic, CEO and co-founder of K&R Negotiations. “We’ve been able to help organizations improve those skills, the success of their negotiations, and the size of their deals — one deal and one lesson at a time. It’s tremendously satisfying to look back and see how it all adds up in terms of revenue and profits for our clients.”

About K&R Negotiations

K&R Negotiation Associates, LLC, is a consulting firm specializing in structuring and negotiating business transactions around the world. The company is comprised of professional negotiators, sales executives, and business attorneys. K&R professionals average over 20 years of professional negotiation experience and apply a results-driven methodology to change negotiation behaviors and improve negotiating success. K&R’s clients include Fortune 200 companies such as IBM, EMC and Xerox, as well as smaller companies such as Bristol Technology (now part of HP), Priceline, SEI and others. For more information, please visit www.negotiators.com.

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