negotiation service by K&R

About K&R Negotiations

A Team of Unrivaled Experts,
Negotiating Hundreds of Millions in Deals

K&R is a team of elite professional negotiators who improve our clients’ profitability by providing the tools and training necessary to win wisely at the negotiation table. We offer a practical, proprietary curriculum of negotiation training that can be applied to immediate advantage in every business arena. We also assist client teams as direct negotiation consultants for high-value engagements. Our international roster of clients includes leaders such as IBM, Xerox, EMC, SEI and others.

The K&R team has personally closed transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars across the globe. We look forward to showing you how to apply the proven principles of negotiations to create win/win situations; close bigger deals faster, and create profitable long-term relationships.

K&R Teaches You to Win

Applying our proven methodology improves your business outcomes. Small adjustments to your business behaviors pay huge dividends in your results. We help you make those behavioral adjustments and more. We teach our clients how to employ the proven mechanics of deal making to build credibility and leverage, and produce the outcomes that ordinary sales training organizations simply can’t deliver.

Our unique experiences in negotiating complex deals make us the resource of choice for organizations that look to expand their negotiating prowess to win new clients, get more business from existing clients, and build long-lasting, profitable relationships. K&R provides your team with skills they can immediately apply to create the credibility and leverage that results in more opportunities, better and bigger deals and more satisfied partners and clients.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity and trust in what we do
  2. Respect for our clients and each other
  3. Empower to adapt and improve
  4. Deliver with excellence and passion
  5. Perform, impact, and enjoy

K&R adheres to the EICC Code of Conduct and operates in full compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the countries in which it operates.