Negotiation Principles That Can Help Your Company Win in Critical Situations

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Win more and win faster in any kind of negotiation. Learn about the advanced negotiation capabilities that can help your company win in critical situations to gain savings and efficiency. Whether we’re negotiating a compensation package with a new employer, trying to close a large purchase with a client, or even negotiating as a potential client, the critical process of negotiation touches all of our lives. The possibility of a win depends on our ability to create and maintain credibility and leverage.

This easy-to-read report addresses three key negotiation skills:

check How to generate winning conditions, regardless of what is being negotiated, or with whom.  
check Techniques that can create and maintain credibility and leverage.  
check Six universal and underlying principles of negotiation.  
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Negotiations are pervasive in business. Whether selling products, making a deal to sell a business, starting a new business, or launching a new product, negotiation is a critical skill impacting results. But negotiation is not just about winning a deal. Successful negotiation can lead to improved business results, a sustainable competitive advantage, new relationships, and new efficiencies.

Credibility is the power to inspire belief. Leverage is the ability to persuade people to move closer to your position. Credibly articulating shared positions of value creates leverage. Without these foundational attributes, the likelihood of reaching a positive outcome for your side is slim.

Six universal and underlying principles of negotiation serve as a guide for creating winning conditions, regardless of what is being negotiated for, or with whom. This whitepaper outlines these Six Principles and why they’re important for creating positive outcomes - so both parties can leave the table with their major objectives met and satisfied with the value they have received.

winning negotiations whitepaper coverLearn how to apply the six principles of negotiation to preserve credibility, create leverage, build relationships and achieve favorable deal outcomes.

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