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Helping businesses with global negotiation training and consulting for more than 30 years to improve deal size and build more profitable relationships.
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Creating Value-Based Leverage

Negotiation is the Art of Finding Agreement

When you think of negotiation, do you automatically think of an intense, adversarial process? Many do, picturing an atmosphere of gamesmanship, manipulation and intimidation where dealmakers are “out for blood.” But this view of negotiations in business is misleading: Negotiations are conversations that help parties find mutually beneficial solutions for their problems and creative avenues to grow their businesses.

Learn How to Develop Deeper and More Lucrative Business Relationships

K&R Negotiations’ Win Wisely™ has helped many of the world’s leading companies produce hundreds of millions in profitable deals and lasting relationships. In each instance, we strive to implement an approach that deemphasizes cutthroat tactics, focusing instead on cooperation and the merits of the relationship and the transaction at hand. Our Win Wisely™ methodology applies a complementary range of tools and techniques that increase deal size and accelerate closure — without burning bridges. All parties leave with a full understanding and appreciation of the value they have received — value that extends past the close.

Our cooperative yet firm approach is much more lucrative and efficient in the long run because it builds trust and business respect. To find out more about how we can help you Win Wisely™, contact us.

Consulting and Training Services

“Deal size has tripled as we apply our skills and focus on the accounts that will help the company grow faster.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nerac, Inc.

Negotiation Training that Gets Results

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89% of attendees believe their negotiation cycle time will improve

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Satisfaction Scale: 94% gave the highest rating

Over 21 thousand business professionals have participated in K&R sessions. This data is compiled from attendees in Europe, the US and Asia.

Negotiation Insights

Win Wisely in Business Negotiations

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$4.1 Billion in Deals Closed Since 2010

K&R Negotiations has assisted its clients in closing $4.1 billion in deals across the globe since 2010 by applying a principled, value-based sales and negotiation methodology called Win Wisely™. Either as trainers for your key leaders or as side-by-side mentors on your key deals, our proven methods have increased deal sizes, close rates and, most importantly, helped our clients create profitable, long-lasting relationships built on mutual understandings of value.
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