Effective Business Negotiation Support Services for Every Role in Your Company

Effectiveness in negotiation impacts every activity at your company — and every dollar that accrues to the bottom line.

In more than 30 years of forging successful deals at every level of leading international companies, we understand the unique motivations and requirements that drive you — and will help you deliver on your performance imperative with negotiation training and consulting that creates more organizational impact and long-term career opportunities for you.

Supporting the CEO’s Performance Imperative

CEOs are ultimately responsible for company performance, and there’s no area of competency that yields a greater impact on company performance than negotiations. Our services ensure you are doing everything you can to deliver on growing stakeholder value.

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Helping CSOs Achieve or Exceed Revenue Objectives

Chief sales officers (CSOs) face a tough challenge: building a great team while simultaneously delivering on revenue expectations. Fortunately, effective sales negotiation skills can contribute to both objectives. In fact, there is no aspect of sales training that can have a faster and more profound impact on a company’s top-line and bottom-line performance.

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For CLOs, a Proven Investment in Organizational Knowledge

Chief learning officers and their leadership teams want the maximum return for their training investment. There are few areas that deliver as well as negotiation training. From sales to procurement to critical internal negotiations, becoming better negotiators increases your team’s satisfaction and your company performance.

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Other Professionals, Improve Outcomes for Every Role

Negotiations touch every part of your life, every part of your career and will have a major impact on your personal success. Dealing with a regular client who, at the eleventh hour, wants a little extra outside the scope of what has been agreed upon? You’re in negotiations.

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Sales Managers and Sellers: Applied Wisdom that Moves the Needle Right Away

Even experienced sales teams benefit from sharpening discrete negotiation skills or spotting and neutralizing fundamental bad habits that jeopardize your department’s closely-watched contribution to revenue goals. With proven theory delivered by global sales execs who know what it’s like to sit in your seat, your team will get immediately applicable strategies and tactics for moving the needle right away.

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Lawyers: Improving Business Outcomes While Limiting Exposure

Learn how to keep a strong business perspective in mind — along with terms dealing with risk, liabilities and indemnities. In fact, any term in a contract that does not have a business reason should be assessed against the business implications for all concerned.

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Project Managers: Improving Team Performance, Collaboration and Project Delivery

Armed with K&R’s Win Wisely™ methodology, the project execution layer can avoid unnecessary conflict, harmonize internal and client-facing teams and deliver great projects — while showing leadership an improved contribution to project repeatability and profitability.

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procurement negotiations

Procurement and Vendor Management: More Value for Your Company, Better Relationships with Vendors

Learn how to hold your team and your vendors to a higher standard of value and impact — along with, of course, better prices and terms.

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