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business negotiation white paper

Whitepaper: When Not to do the Deal. How to Analyze Negotiations at Critical Go/No-Go Junctures.

Not every deal should get done! Either through becoming emotionally invested, getting pressure from leadership or being unable to analyze key factors that should indicate retreat, business negotiators often find themselves spending long amounts of time on deals of diminishing — or even illusory — value. Read more

business negotiation white paper

Whitepaper: Dealing with Negotiation Know-It-Alls: How to Keep Instructors, Intimidators and Impostors from Derailing Your Deal

This white paper discusses three types of know-it-alls: the Instructor, the Intimidator and the Impostor. Learn how to mitigate the impact of each type of participant. Read more

business negotiation white paper

Whitepaper: Negotiation Games: Spotting and Neutralizing Five Tactics that can Damage Deals

Learn how to spot the most common negotiating tactics. Understand some approaches for managing them, maintaining your leverage, and keeping the conversation focused on the best outcome for both parties. Recognize the difference between positive tactics and potentially destructive gamesmanship. Read more

business negotiation white paper

Whitepaper: Win More and Win Faster in any Kind of Negotiation

Six universal and underlying principles of negotiation serve as a guide for creating winning conditions, regardless of what is being negotiated for, or with whom. This whitepaper outlines these Six Principles and why they’re important for creating positive outcomes – so both parties can leave the table with their major objectives met and satisfied with the value they have received. Read more

sales negotiation white paper

Whitepaper: Successful Sales Negotiations in Highly Competitive Environments

All sales involve negotiation to some degree. By learning and applying the principles of value-based selling to craft a singular value argument, your salespeople can systematically set their products and solutions apart from competing providers. Read more

Negotiate Wisely
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In business negotiation, we seek to maximize our opportunities for revenue while building the long-lasting relationships that win us trust and recurring business.

Negotiations Videos

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In this negotiations video series, global negotiations veteran Mladen Kresic introduces you to the fundamental concepts of negotiations, and how to move conversations to an agreement that leaves both parties better off than when the conversation started. View the entire the video.

Case Studies

business negotiation case study

Case Study: Think about the Client and Improve the Outcome

Our client was in negotiations with a customer about adding additional services to an existing contract. The sales team wanted the deal to close by the end of May. What was the best way for the client to analyze the situation and close the deal?

business negotiation case study

Case Study: Critical Vendor Relationships

SEI needed to give mid- and senior-level vendor managers a structured, methodical frameword for negotiating critical relationships. They forged better relationships with critical vendors and even solved negotiation impasses before training sessions had ended.