The K&R Negotiation Philosophy:
Win Wisely™

negotiation training by K&R

When you think of negotiation, do you automatically think of an adversarial process? Many do, picturing an atmosphere of gamesmanship, manipulation and intimidation where dealmakers are "out for blood." While it’s certainly possible to negotiate this way, this is not the style of negotiation we practice or teach.

K&R Negotiations has successfully employed our methodology to the advantage of some of the largest global companies, improving hundreds of millions in deals over the years. In each instance, we strive to instill an approach that deemphasizes cutthroat tactics focusing instead on cooperation and the merits of the deal. Our Win Wisely™ approach applies a complementary range of tools and techniques that increase deal size and bring faster closes – without burning bridges.

In certain instances, such as when an end-of-year bonus is on the line, the only thing that seems to matter is squeezing every potential dollar out of the deal. This is a common position. However, one of the founding K&R principles is that negotiation is a continuous process. Our experience shows that by winning trust and credibility in the long term, we create better opportunities to express our value, discover the needs and wants of those across the negotiating table, and create Win Wisely™ situations. In these optimal situations, all parties leave the table with a full understanding and appreciation of the value they have received – value that extends past the close.

We know this approach to be more lucrative in the long run because in the end, good relationships are more profitable than bad ones. To find out more about how we can help you Win Wisely™, contact us.