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By Your Side, as Your Partner or Mentor

Our negotiation services will show you how good negotiating practice impacts almost every facet of business: management, sales, marketing, development, finance, procurement, manufacturing, legal, logistics, service, administration, engineering and more. Everyone from your organization can benefit from understanding and utilizing stronger negotiation skills. Most importantly, your organization’s results will improve through our negotiation services.

Having successfully negotiated deals in every facet of business, K&R’s team is uniquely qualified to serve either as your partner and mentor in any negotiating services or to train your team to negotiate better outcomes for a wide variety of goals and situations. (Meet our founders, principals and consultants)


Curriculum that Delivers Results

With an emphasis on practical, real-world situations from your business, K&R professionals will deliver negotiation services, skills and strategies that your team can apply immediately. Gaining a methodical understanding of both the art and science of negotiation results in improved relationships, bigger deals, shortened close cycles and recurring business from partners and clients who better understand the value that your team delivers and are ready to come back for more. Some of our clients have noticed improved results within a month after using our negotiation services. We provide essential background in all aspects of the sales negotiation process from the perspective of both sides.

Master our business negotiating services as they fit your specific business model. We stress the importance of using Principled Concessions™ whenever you change the solution, pricing, terms or conditions of a proposal. With our negotiation services the key lessons learned include:

  • Know when, and when not, to negotiate
  • How to develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
  • Know what behavior to adopt at each stage of the negotiation
  • Adjust your communication style to achieve desired results
  • Identify and minimize weaknesses
  • How to recognize and counter the most common negotiating tactics


Creating a Powerful Sales Impact

K&R Sales recognizes the tremendous demands on today’s sales departments – you are being asked to achieve greater results in tougher economic times, while simultaneously creating business value to expand markets, cutting budgets and keeping yourself and/or your team focused and motivated. The K&R Sales Gap Analysis process positions our clients for success.

K&R professionals have practical and real world sales, sales management and executive experience. They have led successful sales organizations within companies such as IBM, Oracle, Ernst & Young, Baan, Computer Associates and PeopleSoft in addition to multiple emerging growth organizations. For over fifteen years K&R Negotiations has been recognized as an industry leader in Negotiations and Sales Development.