Negotiations - When Not to Do the Deal

How to Analyze Negotiations at Critical Go/No-Go Junctures

deal or no deal white paper

Not every deal should get done!

Either through becoming emotionally invested, getting pressure from leadership or being unable to analyze key factors that should indicate retreat, business negotiators often find themselves spending long amounts of time on deals of diminishing — or even illusory — value.

This complimentary white paper provides three key takeaways to help you objectively address if and when to proceed.

check Escaping common "BATNA traps" (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
check Tools for analyzing and prioritizing motivations, objectives, requirements and requests
check Tips for artful disengagement

Plus, discover the three constructive steps you can take if the value of a negotiation has degraded to the point where no deal should be done. You'll want to disengage so positive relationships can be maintained and future opportunities are not jeopardized.

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