Fundamentals of Negotiation

This self-guided online course delivers decades of negotiation expertise. In minutes.

“K&R Negotiations has helped global leaders close billions of dollars in deals. Leverage our foundational wisdom in this informative, no-nonsense guide to winning negotiations. This self-guided online course drills and quizzes you with the concepts you’ll need to understand what makes successful negotiations work.” – Mladen Kresic

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Whether you are trying to make a big sale, buy a car or land a job, there is no facet of your career or life where better negotiation skills won’t improve your outcomes.

K&R Negotiations has trained leading global companies such as IBM, Xerox and EMC, as well as small and medium companies, in the art and science of negotiation – from sales to procurement to mergers and acquisitions. Over the past few decades, we have negotiated billions of dollars in deals and refined our Win Wisely™ negotiation system for the benefit of companies all over the globe.

Now the fundamentals of this highly successful method are yours—you can learn in just a few minutes what we have refined over decades of practice in high-level deal-making rooms across the globe.

This self-guided online course drills and quizzes you with the concepts you’ll need to understand what makes successful negotiations work. The course comprises three sections:


Introduction to Negotiations
Why do we negotiate and what defines success? Our introduction gives you an overview of the dynamics of the deal.


Credibility and Leverage
Leverage is the ability to move the other side toward your point of view. We will teach you the mechanics of leverage, and how you set the stage for leverage and more wins through earning credibility.


Principled Concessions
Unprincipled concessions—giveaways not tied to any business rationale—needlessly cost negotiators money in deals all over the world. Learn how to use principled concessions to maintain your position, credibility and asking price.

All Three Courses. At Your Own Pace. Only $94.50

Get all three Fundamentals of Negotiation courses, get insight into the process, and start improving your negotiation outcomes. This course is designed for beginning to intermediate negotiators who have not had extensive or advanced training on the topic.

Even More to Help You on Your Way: Free Resources for All Course Attendees

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  • Free downloads of two of our most popular white papers
  • Negotiation Games: Spotting and Neutralizing Five Tactics That Ruin Deals
  • The Six Principles That Deliver Winning Negotiations

Decades of Actionable Negotiation Wisdom: Yours for $94.50

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