Negotiate Wisely in Business & Technology

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The Seminal Book on Successful Negotiating Strategies

Whether selling products, making a deal to sell a business, starting a new business, launching a new product, or even renting a tent for your daughter’s wedding, nearly every facet of your life is marked by some form of negotiation.

In business negotiation, we seek to maximize our opportunities for revenue while building the long-lasting relationships that win us trust and recurring business. What we do at the negotiating table determines whether or not the outcome lies in the negotiation success range (NSR). Teaching you the mechanics and principles that good negotiators use to achieve this outcome is the reason this book exists.

Negotiate Wisely in Business & Technology will help you:

  • Accelerate negotiation cycles
  • Improve revenues and profits
  • Negotiate better relationships
  • Avoid unprincipled concessions

Negotiate Wisely in Business & Technology was written by K&R Negotiation co-founders Mladen Kresic and Harvey Rosen. The well-known authors distilled years of direct negotiation, coaching and teaching experience into this practical guide to best negotiation practices. The book’s "building block" approach gives you a solid conceptual base, adds practical examples and exercises on the forensics of the deal, and includes chapters on the tools, techniques, tactics and teamwork that you can use as a reference for any step in your negotiation process.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you can’t do without either credibility or leverage
  • The Six Principles™ that govern successful negotiations
  • How to identify and neutralize deal-breaking positions
  • How to clearly communicate your value
  • How to spot and exploit common negotiation tactics
  • …and much more.

Let two of the world’s foremost negotiation experts guide you through your most challenging negotiations to your best outcomes. Get your copy now!

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