Complimentary Negotiation Training Video

Building Better Business Relationships
Through Positive Negotiations

negotiations training

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Join global negotiations expert Mladen Kresic as he introduces you to the concept of value-based negotiations leverage, and why it is a powerful tool for moving conversations to an agreement that leaves both parties better off than when the conversation started.

  • Negotiation Defined: Creating Value-Based Leverage
  • Creating Negotiation Leverage: Find Your Unique Value
  • Negotiation Motivations and Objectives
  • Your Edge: How to Gain the Negotiations Advantage
  • Using Concessions to Negotiate a Better Deal
  • How to Use Your Leverage Cycle to Drive Negotiations P&L

Many of us are intimidated by even the word "negotiation": we immediately picture an intense, confrontational process where each party is out to wring every possible advantage from the other side. This view of negotiations is misleading: Negotiations are conversations that help two parties find a mutually beneficial solution for each of their problems.

In this video, our focus is on building better business relationships through positive negotiations. In this context, negotiation leverage should be positive, not negative because it helps build good business relationships. But good leverage also means that your business can get more out of the equation.

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