Dealing with Negotiation Know-It-Alls

How to Keep Instructors, Intimidators and Impostors from Derailing Your Deal

negotiations know it alls white paper

In your negotiating career you are certain to encounter a "know-it-all": a person more interested in demonstrating their superior knowledge than in moving toward a mutually beneficial agreement.

All three of these negotiation know-it-alls can distract you from the merits of the deal, derail the process, and erode or eliminate the benefits of the deal – for both sides.

This white paper discusses three types of know-it-alls: the Instructor, the Intimidator and the Impostor. Learn how to mitigate the impact of each type of participant.

check The Instructor This person wants to share knowledge to create understanding. But even well intentioned sharing may burn valuable time, resulting in loss of deal benefits or even loss of the deal itself.
check The Intimidator This individual uses knowledge as a weapon to undercut you and attack your credibility. If successful, they can swing the deal benefits toward their side.
check The Impostor They won’t be an expert, but in a bid to appear relevant and knowledgeable, will try to bluff everyone at the table. The impact may be confusion, delay or worse.

In this complimentary white paper, we explore examples of interactions with each type of know-it-all. We show how the experienced negotiator can mitigate their negative impact and keep the deal moving toward a win for both parties. Remembering that know-it-alls also operate in your internal deal sessions, the advice for dealing with each type applies to both internal and external negotiations.

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