negotiation consulting

Negotiation Consulting


By Your Side, as
Your Partner or Mentor

Good negotiating practice impacts almost every facet of business: management, sales, marketing, development, finance, procurement, manufacturing, legal, logistics, service, administration, engineering etc…. Everyone from your organization can benefit from understanding and utilizing stronger negotiation skills. Most importantly, your organization’s results will improve.

Having successfully negotiated deals in every facet of business, K&R’s team is uniquely qualified to serve either as your partner and mentor in the negotiating process or to train your team to negotiate better outcomes for a wide variety of goals and situations. (Meet our founders, principals and consultants)

Negotiation Planning and Participation

Successful negotiations require considerable up-front planning. K&R will guide your team to the right transaction structure and approach for:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • M&A: Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Equity/sale of assets
  • Joint venture
  • Licensing
  • Hybrid and others

Working side by side with your team, K&R will apply our expertise in business proposals and plans and creative problem-solving techniques.

Once the business engagement process begins, K&R professionals function in an advisory role or as an integral part of your team. Our approach includes any or all of the following:

  • Evaluating skills required for an effective negotiation team
  • Drafting compelling business proposals
  • Guiding focused team-planning/preparation sessions
  • Identifying and maximizing strengths
  • Identifying and minimizing weaknesses
  • Leading or supporting negotiation teams
  • Providing input in all phases of negotiation
  • Advising for Plan “B” (alternatives) and post-transaction issues