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Negotiation Training


Achieve Effective Negotiations With Our Negotiation Training Programs

K&R Negotiation training courses emphasizes real-world challenges you face every day. Our negotiation training workshops teach the framework, tools and skills you need for highly effective negotiations, not a series of bargaining games or tactics. You will be able to apply our negotiation tips for your immediate advantage.

All of K&R’s workshops and courses are led by negotiation training professionals with significant sales, management, and vendor engagement experience. Our insight into the obstacles your team faces daily truly brings our curricula to life, by addressing their issues and teaching them to create more of the win/win situations required for long-term relationships.

Our Negotiation Training Workshops

Principled Negotiations

For anyone directly or indirectly involved in our negotiation training workshops, learn the framework, tools and skills to build and maintain your negotiation position. Read more

  • Learn the essential background for all aspects of successful sales negotiations
  • Learn how to recognize and counter the most common negotiating tactics
Opportunity Negotiations

Customized for the nuances of your business opportunities, attendees plan and apply our negotiation tips with methods that bring opportunities for successful closures.

  • Strengthen your business outcomes
  • Apply our negotiation training tips to bring opportunties to closure
Masters Negotiations

For experienced negotiators or those who have attended previous courses, this workshop will hone your negotiation skills, learning to apply leverage, credibility and peruasive rationals in real-world situations.

  • Master advanced skills in negotiating successful outcomes
  • Successfully navigate real-world situations
Improving Your Contracts

Learn what makes or breaks a deal, what makes a good statement of work, pros and cons of exclusive relationship, and many other aspects of solid contracting.

  • Know what makes or breaks a contractual deal
  • Get more value from your contractual relationships
Alliances & Joint Ventures

Develop and improve your planning, negotiation, implementation and management of strategic alliances and joint ventures. Know the differences between marketing alliances, development alliances and equity alliances.

  • Understand the correct type of alliance or joint venture to implement
  • Execute more effective alliances and joint ventures
Opportunity Forensics

Achieve better and more accurate revenue forecasts. Learn how to predict outcomes in the opportunity pipeline by replacing subjectivity with an objective, structured process with our negotiation training tips. Read more

  • Improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts.
  • Better understand all aspects of the negotiation sales process
Negotiations for Managers

Gain tools to improve manager’s own and team negotiation sales performance. Learn how to use positive value arguments to get the other side to come closer to align opposing ways of thinking. Read more

  • Know how to mentor and manage negotiations
  • Prioritize issues to accelerate closure with our proven negotiation training tactics!
Communication Styles

Learn how to hone your negotiation skills to surgical precision by incorporating knowledge of behavior and communication styles to drive better deal outcomes. Read more

  • Interpret your prospect’s non-verbal cues
  • Neutralize the resistance of your prospect or negotiation partner