K&R Sales impacts your sales forecasts through expert sales training.

Sales Training

K&R Training Creates Powerful Sales Impact

K&R Sales recognizes the tremendous demands on today’s sales departments — you are being asked to achieve greater results in tougher economic times, while simultaneously creating business value to expand markets, cutting budgets and keeping yourself and/or your team focused and motivated. The K&R Sales Gap Analysis process positions our clients for success. It says to them, “Let’s make sure that you have the fundamentals covered before anything else.” It embodies our belief that if the underpinnings of your sales organization are sound, you set the stage, year after year, for sales excellence. View the K&R Sales Gap Analysis brochure here.

A CEO hates to hear the words “We missed our sales forecast!” Statements such as this are indicative of the challenge in achieving consistent, accurate sales forecasts for corporate sales. Poor sales forecasting results in a number of unpleasant consequences, ranging from increased stress to severe business implications. K&R’S Opportunity Forensics teaches you how to add certainty to your sales teams’ forecasts. Learn how our structured approach to the prediction of outcomes in your pipeline results in reliable forecasts, better qualified prospects and improved revenues. View the K&R Opportunity Forensics brochure here.

Customers have fingertip access to an array of resources that gives them tremendous information and power. By first understanding your customers’ buying motivations and learning how to put them first, you are able to leverage the enormous potential that lies in every sales person on your team. This is the winning formula for top line revenue growth. Maximizing sales potential is what the K&R Customer-Focused Sales Culture training is all about. View the K&R Sales Offering brochure here.

How do you best prepare your sales reps for negotiations and how do you proactively manage executive management in the most important deals? What can you do to focus the prospect on value when they seem to be only interested in price? The ability to do these things well is a hallmark of an optimized sales organization. The K&R Value-Based Negotiations training will give your entire team a great foundation in the skills necessary to maximize and articulate value, minimize discounting and accelerate the closing process. View the K&R Value-Based Negotiations brochure here.

One of the most critical disciplines for a salesperson to master is territory management. This session includes every aspect of developing a winning plan – creating the vision, developing the skills, the processes, the tools – that salespeople need to manage their territories as if they were their very own businesses, wisely investing the resources at their disposal to achieve the greatest return. View the K&R Territory Action Planning brochure here.

Developing a strategic relationship with a client is a deliberate act. It is what gives your account team the edge in growing and maintaining their key accounts. The critical success factor in Key Account Planning is not in the format of the plan; it is in the understanding and execution of the ideas that drive an effective competitive vision for meeting the clients’ business objectives. In other words, it’s not what we know, it is what we do! View the K&R Key Account Action Planning brochure here.

K&R professionals have practical and real world sales, sales management and executive experience. They have led successful sales organizations within companies such as IBM, Oracle, Ernst & Young, Baan, Computer Associates and PeopleSoft in addition to multiple emerging growth organizations. For over fifteen years K&R Negotiations has been recognized as an industry leader in Negotiations and Sales Development. Our library of courses and support resources can be tailored to provide the right training depth for your requirements.

If we can help you get started with any of these four training offerings, or any other sales or business negotiation need, please contact us.