Client Results and Testimonials

Negotiation Training That Gets Results

K&R’s practical approach to negotiations has delivered proven results and client-documented ROI within days of the training session. K&R provides negotiation skills training that yields these outcomes:

  • 98.4% of attendees would recommend the session to others
  • 93.8% of attendees give the K&R training the highest possible rating
  • 81% of students expect to deploy skills within the current month
  • Attendees estimate the course will lead to an average of 20% revenue growth
  • Attendees estimate they will shorten their sales cycles by an average of 2.8 weeks
  • 100% of attendees believe the session will provide a repeatable benefit

Data surveyed from 14 consecutive sessions, 200+ attendees, Europe, US, and Asia shows notable results:

negotiation rating
sales cycle time

Some quotations from a sampling of sessions:

  • "Many thanks! It will help me for Q4!"
  • "Fantastic and very comprehensive session, very good examples and lively communication, powerful tools."
  • "Workshop had good pace, great interaction; was fun – helped us get to know each other better as a team."
  • "Extremely useful session with real life scenarios as exercises enabling us to apply the tools to our engagements."
  • "Really a great training. Glad to have invested this day. This should be mandatory for every seller."
  • "This workshop has shown me how we should lead people in our company, with our clients, and how we should behave with our clients."
  • "We now have a secret weapon – the [K&R] tools."
  • "[This course] should be mandatory [for sellers]."
  • "I will use Principled Concessions™ instead of discounts."
  • "This workshop exceeded my expectations by far."
  • "Managers need to take this course!"

We will happily provide more customer testimonials and case studies of successes at your request. Contact us to learn more about what our clients are saying.

The best investment you can make in your organization is to sharpen your team’s negotiation skills with K&R training.