Steve Kuras

Steve Kuras is K&R’s Vice President of Business Development for Americas. Steve brings 30+ years of financial, business development, sales and sales management experience in the IT industry, having led large-pursuit sales teams and complex client engagements for Fortune 100 clients.

Steve is an innovator whose approaches have yielded some of the largest technology, licensing and services agreements by focusing on business impact and value. He led an elite team of deal making negotiators with critical expertise in accounting, legal and client skills driving more than $1.5B in transactions annually.

Critical to his success is driving fundamentals, focusing on value, and core client management skills. He developed practical, hands-on approach workshops driving a measurable 10-11% improvement in revenues. Later he and his team built an online training version that eventually delivered over 100,000 training sessions to sales professionals worldwide.

Steve travelled to 26 countries in an internal consulting role working with IBM’s most strategic/top 50 accounts to maximize opportunity identification, deal progression and successful negotiations.

Most recently, Steve founded a growing non-profit operational consultancy, Strategy 4 Good.

He’s married, has two grown Eagle Scout sons, and lives in North Carolina, USA.

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