Mike Weston

Mike Weston is an industry leader with over 25 years of executive, sales and negotiation experience. In 2016 Mike was recognized by Forbes as a “top 100 most influential executive across all industries-Middle East,” while serving as Cisco’s Vice President in charge of the company’s $1.5B Middle East business.

An accomplished, results-driven technology executive, he led a number of other $1bn plus businesses with aggressive P&L goals . Mike’s leadership has extended to a country (UK), regional (Europe Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific ASEAN) as well as a global level.  These opportunities have given Mike a keen understanding of living and doing business across the globe.

Mike is a proven expert at developing people and communities through relationship-building. Most recently he successfully steered IBM’s Global Technology Services business as General Manager for Asia Pacific / ASEAN, located in Singapore. Mike’s decades of high-performance sales and negotiations have led to closing billions in technology contracts in both emerging and developed markets and in highly competitive scenarios. His negotiations approach, balance and innovation, combined with his speed-to-close business has ensured optimal profitable growth and tangible value for all entities involved.

Mike Weston brings to K&R and our clients a proven ability to create worldwide growth through effective sales and negotiations. He is now based in Europe and the Middle East where he ensures time for business and his family. Mike is a former professional footballer who still enjoys keeping fit as well as playing golf.

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