Keith Blackwell

Keith Blackwell is Chairman of the K&R Negotiations Advisory Board and is currently COO of Aberdeen. Keith is recognized as one of the most influential technology executives of the last 30 years, having founded Bristol Technology in 1991. Keith was its CEO and Chairman until March 2007, when Hewlett Packard purchased Bristol Technology as part of its strategic move into the Business Technology Optimization space. In 1991 Bristol began with $100,000 of seed investment and did not require additional investment for the next five years. From $500,000 in revenues in its first year the company grew 70% annually over the next five years, reaching the Inc. 500 and being ranked #1 on Connecticut’s Fast 50.

In 1997, Bristol formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Kenosia Corporation, to create analytics software for consumer goods companies. DataAlchemy® became the leading software for Category Management, with many of the world’s top CPG companies as customers. Bristol sold Kenosia to Halo Technology Holdings, Inc. in 2005.

Starting in 1998, Bristol recognized business and technology challenges that would emerge as organizations shifted to multi-tiered heterogeneous computing environments. Keith led the transformation of Bristol into an enterprise software company to address that future market. In 2003, Keith raised $9.1 million in venture funding based on Bristol’s patented TransactionVision® software solution.

Since Bristol’s purchase by HP in 2007, Keith founded which creates and manages sophisticated sports websites, administers sporting organization activities, and enables efficient communication with members, coaches, managers, officials, parents, and athletes.

As an information technology industry expert and business spokesman, Keith has been featured in Forbes, Red Herring, and numerous other business and technology publications and appeared on the Neil Cavuto and CNN/Fortune TV shows.

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