K&R Negotiations – Success Stories

K&R Negotiations’ powerful outcome-based training drives business results. Our team is composed of expert business negotiators who have collectively closed hundreds of millions of dollars in complex, high-value deals. K&R’s Win Wisely methodology delivers higher close rates, larger deal sizes and longer, more profitable relationships. The following cross-industry examples demonstrate the value of K&R services.

Wealth Management

"People come out of the sessions and immediately start applying what they’ve learned." Watch this video testimonial from Peter Quinn, Director of Vendor Management for SEI, on how K&R Negotiations enhances SEI’s wealth management business.

Financial Services

K&R’s client turned a $150K annual loss into a $50K annual profit, while at the same time raising their own client’s satisfaction with the service. (Read more)

Automotive Manufacturing

K&R’s client realized 6.7M€ of revenue in their current fiscal year, and 60.2M€ additional revenue within two years. (Read more)


K&R’s client benefited between $13.5K and $250K. The ultimate buyer saw a clear ROI from the total $837K investment in our Client’s products. Both our client and our client’s client were rewarded through the application of K&R negotiation principles. (Read more)

Technology Services

K&R’s client did not offer expensive guarantees and rebates as part of their services package. This will positively affect profitability as the agreement executes. The result was generated by carefully understanding client needs before offers were made. (Read more)

Global Energy

K&R’s client closed $2M higher than expected, using a few simple K&R principles. (Read more)


K&R’s client benefited by up to $65K, and began the process of breaking a pattern of discounting with their client, which will repeat in every transaction. Our client’s client was satisfied, because they understood the value of what they were buying. (Read more)


K&R’s client closed for $1.6 to 2.1M more than they expected to, using K&R’s value principles. (Read more)