Negotiate N.O.W. –
Negotiation Coaching With Outstanding Wins

Negotiation Coaching to Increase Your Revenue

These are tough times in the sales business. With our proven negotiation coaching our clients are scaling back on their investments to mission critical applications, postponing sold business and reducing budgets. Your clients are risk-averse and buying decisions are more closely scrutinized with our proven negotiation coaching while consulting your company, will close deals faster and more effectively no matter what business you are in. When you find a prospect that is willing to talk business, most negotiations seem to focus on price in which our negotiation coaching focuses more on the value the deal will bring. Competition in this tough market becomes even more aggressive to the point that companies are willing to "buy the business"

negotiation coaching

Fortunately, our negotiation coaching offers a better and proven way.

K&R’s negotiation coaching helps you move negotiations off of price and focuses the conversation on business value – addressing the operations and risks that are critical to your customer.

K&R’s negotiation coaching goals are to help you identify the value-based leverage that enables you to build client confidence and close each opportunity faster and more effectively. And when you do close the client, the confidence you built through our structured negotiation coaching helps you maintain the revenue you expect and deserve. This is what K&R’s Negotiation coaching Outstanding Wins (N.O.W) program is all about … K&R’s negotiation coaching to close your opportunities with higher revenues.

The negotiation coaching professionals at K&R know what it is like to sell through a recession, and have successfully led sales teams to greater heights during tough economic times. We have developed and documented the critical strategies required for your sales organization to not only weather this economic storm, but to capitalize on the strengths of your company, the unique solutions you provide, and the business value your team offers to enable your prospects to grow.

The investment in negotiation coaching N.O.W. will pay back significant dividends. That happens through more effective negotiation coaching, with our average client realizing a significant increase in their closing rate as well as 10% greater revenues from closed opportunities. Click here to download our free whitepaper titled, Negotiation Games: Spotting and Neutralizing Five Tactics that can Damage Deals. Or better yet, contact us to learn how we can help you improve your negotiation results in 2012 and beyond. Let our negotiation coaching help you!