Communication Styles

Leveraging Communication Styles to Drive Better Deals

For decades, K&R Negotiations’ methodology of principled negotiations has helped clients all over the world drive bigger, better deals while building profitable, long-term relationships. Organizations ranging in size from SMBs to the Fortune 1000 have transformed their sales and business performance by applying these proven negotiation practices.

Leveraging Communication Styles to Drive Better Deals goes one level deeper, teaching you how to hone your negotiation skills to surgical precision by incorporating knowledge of behavior and communication styles to drive better deal outcomes.

Expert negotiations are always able to answer two critical questions. First, what is our potential client is really telling us? And second, how do we leverage the science of interpersonal communication to create rapport and increase our odds of success?

Fortunately, K&R’s global negotiations, sales and communication veterans have a system that can show you how to:

  • Instantly and effortlessly interpret your prospect’s non-verbal cues
  • Neutralize the resistance of your prospect or negotiation partner
  • Quickly build rapport with your prospect and respond in a style they intuitively accept and trust
  • Understand how the beliefs you and your client bring to the table impact the odds of success.
  • Visualize and create the conditions that achieve your negotiation goals
  • Learn the correct timing of that critical statement
  • Maximize your effectiveness by better understanding your personal communication style

The combination of K&R’s proven negotiation methodology and the powerful Leveraging Communication Styles will turn your team into Master Negotiators. And Master Negotiators close more and bigger deals faster than the competition.

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