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K&R By the Numbers

K&R Negotiations gets results. At the end of the day, our clients have engaged with us to win more money from existing accounts, win new accounts, and build their revenue through building better relationships. While individual results vary, many of our clients have noticed results within one month of taking one of our workshops.

Turn expensive "giveaways" into revenue:

Are you "throwing in" valuable services and products into the deal in a desperate attempt to close? K&R’s methods of articulating and presenting value can turn these expensive giveaways into revenue-positive items.

A financial services client stopped giving away free on-site support, selling those services for a $200,000 gain and winning more customer confidence in the process.

Close bigger deals:

Learning to spot and counter common negotiating tactics by customers who want a better price can mean bigger deals at the negotiating table.

A global energy industry client closed a deal $2 million higher than expected after using K&R methodology that prepares negotiators for tactics such as competitive threats, escalation to higher levels of leadership, and intentionally trying to divide the client’s team.

Stop being a victim of the process and use adverse conditions to advantage:

Learning to spot and manage the variables that pressure closes or outright prevent deals, our client helped their automotive industry client to a technology purchase that meant 6.7M€ plus follow-on revenue of 60.2M€ within two years.

The K&R teaching on using compelling events helped us to encourage our client to forego an RFI and act earlier to avoid a possible freeze in funding. We used the K&R Value Matrix™ to focus our client’s attention on the value of implementing our solution versus any alternatives.

Use preparation to protect your weaknesses and avoid unnecessary concessions:

A client’s client wanted a $2.3 million technology service package that included rebates for downtime, as well as other concessions. At our K&R Workshop, we emphasized our principles of preparation to analyze all various service combinations, truly listen to the client, and forged a deal that satisfied the client’s requirements while creating a modified rebate plan that preserved the value of the deal for our client.

These are just some of the examples of how leading organizations have benefited from partnering with K&R. Let’s talk about your specific requirements.

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