9 Great Reasons to
Use K&R Negotiations

The lessons we learned can have a profound effect, not just on vendor account performance, but on the quality of the relationships.
– Peter Quinn, director of Vendor Management, SEI

Accelerate Your ROI. K&R training makes you and your team more effective quickly. This means higher close rates, more profitable deals, and reduced sales cycles.

Learn from experts who are practitioners not just teachers. In addition to being superb trainers, the K&R team has helped close hundreds of millions of dollars of deals. You’ll learn practical methods for immediate application.

Personalized training is more effective – and K&R does it. Your customizable course options include: Principled Negotiations Workshop, Master Negotiations Workshop, Negotiation for Managers, Doctoral Negotiations, Opportunity Forensics, Improving Your Contracts, Alliances and Joint Ventures, and more.

K&R teaches you to Win Wisely™. You’ll benefit with more revenue opportunities, as well as stronger and more profitable long-term relationships. You’ll Win Wisely after your K&R training.

Your results will improve – our track record is unsurpassed with our clients. Our practical and proprietary curriculum of negotiation training has been applied since 1994 in every business area, including sales, finance, procurement, M&A and many others, for clients like IBM, Xerox, EMC, and SEI.

We are more than just a training company. We go beyond teaching; when you need hands-on help, K&R will be there. Our goal is to help you win more business faster by directly assisting your team as negotiation consultants for your high-value engagements.

We wrote the book on negotiation strategies. Our co-founders Mladen Kresic and Harvey Rosen actually did write the book on negotiation strategies, titled Negotiate Wisely in Business & Technology.

Gain from our global perspective. If your business negotiates multi-nationally, K&R, while based in the United States, has senior trainers around the world who have led numerous sessions on all 7 continents.

Be confident in your selection of K&R. We are not a mass-market training mill. In fact, the vast majority of our business comes from repeat clients. This is true because post session survey data consistently shows that attendees enjoy the K&R training and obtain substantial profit, revenue and relationship impacts from the K&R methodology.