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Have you equipped your sales team with the tools that will position your organization as a unique solution provider with a compelling solution? If you are looking for meaningful and high-impact content for your 2014 kickoff meeting—and higher margins on your sales—look no further!

Win better business through more effective negotiations – do not give away your value!

K&R Negotiation Associates provides negotiation skills training that enables your sales force to increase deal size and close faster. Our effective negotiation techniques are designed to amplify average revenue and transaction-based profits for your entire sales team. Learn more in our complimentary executive brief or through a consultation!

Our results speak volumes: K&R has led sales skills development in six of the seven continents for IBM, EMC, and Xerox as well as emerging growth technology companies like Commvault, Brainshark and Fortify. As a matter of fact, we have worked with over 18,000 sales reps, managers and executives and 100% of our attendees have experienced higher margins and profits utilizing the skills they learned in our sessions.

Our latest executive brief, “The Top B2B Sales Trends for 2014,” reviews the trends that will impact your team’s performance and helps equip you and your sales team with information on how to achieve or exceed your revenue targets.

For organizations that sign up for our training in the first quarter, we’re offering a value-added service of a personalized session to craft a negotiation strategy for your most significant opportunity in your pipeline!

You can join the 100% of our clients who realize
increased revenues through more effective negotiations!

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