Make Your 2017 Sales Kickoff Far More Impactful

Do you need to obtain the highest return from your 2017 kickoff meeting?  If so, invest in improving your sales team’s negotiations skills (and your revenue) with the leaders in Negotiations Skills development.

100% of our clients realize increased revenues through more effective negotiations!

Five questions will determine if K&R can help boost your performance in 2017.

    1. Is your sales team well positioned to exceed their quotas next year?
    2. Does your team possess all of the skills required to effectively negotiate profitable contracts?
    3. Is impactful content helpful for your 2017 kickoff meeting?
    4. Are you looking for higher margins on your sales?
    5. Do you want 2017 to be a record-breaking year?

We can help with your 2017 Sales Revenues – and more importantly – profits!

Launch a powerful 2017 by giving your team the skills to close faster and increase opportunity size through better negotiation skills. K&R Negotiation Associates provides Negotiation Skills training that will closes deals more quickly plus increases the average revenue and profit per transaction of your sales team – proven with over 18,000 attendees across every continent.

Invest 15 minutes of your time, and we can show you how K&R Negotiations training will dramatically impact your bottom line in 2017. Fill out the request form to learn more.

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