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K&R Negotiations’ CEO Mladen Kresic on
Knowledge@Wharton Business Radio

Knowledge@Wharton is a daily, call-in business interview program, broadcasting live from The Wharton School’s campus. Host Dan Loney goes behind the headlines with world-renowned Wharton professors, distinguished alumni and expert guests. In the segments below, Dan Loney and K&R Negotiations’ CEO Mladen Kresic discuss business negotiations.

Negotiation Trends and Principles

Host Dan Loney and Mladen Kresic discuss the nature of credibility, leverage and other key principles of Mladen’s book, which has been read widely by business professionals and used in universities and numerous corporate programs across the world.

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Negotiation Know-it-Alls

During this segment, Dan Loney and Mladen Kresic discuss the three major types of know-it-all (The Instructor, The Intimidator and The Impostor), the threats they represent to successful negotiations, and strategies negotiators can use to mitigate their negative influence and keep their deal discussions on track.

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