How to Use Your Leverage Cycle to Drive Negotiations P&L

Discover Key Needs to Persuasively Articulate the Value of Your Service

Negotiation leverage cannot be gained until you can articulate your value to a client. How do you convey to them that your service will meet their needs? The first step is to sit down with your client and listen.

In this video global negotiations expert Mladen Kresic explains the leverage cycle and why patience and listening are keys to a successful negotiation. In negotiation, leverage helps move people closer to your way of thinking. Utilize your interpersonal skills to gather clues about your client, discover their most urgent needs and explore how their business works. Once you have built this portfolio of information, it becomes easier to put your knowledge in a context that will persuasively articulate the value of your service. And as a seller, you want to build a strong value case for the product or service you’re selling such that the buyer can see that value.