Creating Negotiation Leverage: Find Your Unique Value

When you think of negotiation leverage, do you think of one party “putting the screws” to the other? This negative understanding is misleading: Leverage is a positive force that, applied correctly, makes good relationships – and a better deal.

Our focus is on building better business relationships through positive negotiations. In this context, negotiation leverage should be positive, not negative because it helps build good business relationships. But good leverage also means that your business can get more out of the equation.

Your unique value proposition gives you additional positive leverage, allowing you to improve margins and close more deals. In fact, the negotiation leverage slope helps you understand your leverage, in business and in a particular negotiation session.

In this video, global negotiations veteran Mladen Kresic introduces the concept of the Leverage Slope – a tool for helping negotiators understand how unique value sets the conditions for improved pricing, better deals, and profitable, long-term relationships. Once you understand and correctly apply your unique value with the Leverage Slope, your ability to create better deals skyrockets.