The CSO Imperative:
Utilizing Superior Negotiation Skills to Achieve Better Sales Results

Additional Case Studies

business negotiation case study

Learn how a research and advisory firm successfully made the switch from quantity-based sales to a value based selling organization that closes bigger deals.

business negotiation case study

Learn how SEI forged better relationships with critical vendors and solved negotiation impasses even before their negotiation training sessions had ended.

sales negotiation skillsChief sales officers (CSOs) face a tough challenge: building a great team while simultaneously delivering on revenue expectations. Fortunately, effective sales negotiation skills can contribute to both objectives. In fact, there is no aspect of sales training that can have a faster and more profound impact on a company’s top line and bottom line performance.

When your organization’s sales team is equipped with the best practices and tools from K&R, you will see dramatically better results. In fact, our Win Wisely™ methodology is designed to deliver higher close rates, larger deal sizes and longer and more enduring relationships.

By training salespeople to master the mechanics of value, you can:

  • Close larger deals
  • Protecting margins and avoiding unnecessary concessions and discount
  • Become better evaluators of the client buying process
  • Build more lucrative long-term relationships with your clients

How do you know the Win Wisely™ methodology works? Simply this: since 2009 our clients have used our training and consulting service to close $2.05 billion in deals.

K&R Negotiations can help you achieve your sales objectives either as trainers for your key leaders or as side-by-side mentors on your important deals. However you choose to work with us, our proprietary methods will give you a significant competitive advantage. Use us as your hidden and powerful weapon to routinely beat the competition and gain a steady increase in the performance of your sales team.

A History of Negotiation Success

Our negotiation experts have served some of the largest companies in the world. We have a long history of sales, management, and technology experience that consistently improves negotiation performance. Global leaders like IBM, EMC, Xerox and Dell have turned to K&R to sharpen their negotiation skills and improve their outcomes.

Unlike companies in the mass training marketplace, our Win Wisely™ training is always customized to the precise needs of your company and its sales team. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, we teach your team to identify and change the key behaviors and perspectives that prevent the desired outcome – a deal where all parties walk away satisfied with the value they have received.

Contact us today so we can discuss your customer engagement and negotiation challenges and how K&R Negotiation’s Win Wisely™ methodology can build value in your team and in your company.