The CLO Imperative:
Negotiation Training:
A Proven Investment in Your Organization’s Knowledge

Additional Case Studies

business negotiation case study

Learn how a research and advisory firm successfully made the switch from quantity-based sales to a value based selling organization that closes bigger deals.

business negotiation case study

Learn how SEI forged better relationships with critical vendors and solved negotiation impasses even before their negotiation training sessions had ended.

sales negotiation skillsChief learning officers and their leadership teams want the maximum return for their investment in training. There are few areas that deliver as well as negotiation training. From sales to procurement to critical internal negotiations, becoming better negotiators increases your team’s job satisfaction and your company performance.

Solid ROI

Don’t take our word for it. Our average rating from evaluations of attendees is 1.2 on a scale of 1 (very valuable) to 5. More importantly, our clients reported that they have closed $2.05 billion worth of deals with our help since 2009. We deliver these results through application of common sense tools proven in decades of high-level sales and technology negotiation practice.

A premier learning organization for a Fortune 100 company whose employees underwent K&R Negotiations training reported the following outcomes:

  • Effective negotiation skill level increased on average by 30%.
  • Employees displayed increased confidence and a majority found the training program well worth company time.
  • Employees displayed 5%-80% revenue growth when compared to negotiation prior to training.

We Deliver Actionable Skills for Every Facet of Negotiation

Global leaders like IBM, EMC, Xerox and Dell have turned to K&R Negotiations to improve their teams’ negotiation skills. Some want an edge in forging partnerships and alliances. Others see the advantages in closing bigger deals, shortening sales cycles and forging durable, lucrative relationships that deliver improved revenue over time.

Whether your targeted group includes negotiation novices or experts who could stand to sharpen their skills, our training—delivered at the venue of your choice—addresses every facet of company negotiations:

  • Value-Based Negotiations
  • Opportunity Negotiations
  • The Masters Negotiator
  • Managing Your Contract Negotiations
  • Sales Negotiations in a Competitive Environment
  • Alliances & Joint Ventures
  • Opportunity Forensics
  • Negotiation for Managers
  • Leadership and Sales
  • Communication, Influence and Persuasion

No matter what aspect of negotiation you wish to improve in your organization, we can help. If you want to give your team training whose value is evident from day one, then you’ll benefit from the decades of experience and proven methodology that K&R leverages in your favor.

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