The CEO Imperative:
Better Negotiation Skills Equal Better Company Performance

Additional Case Studies

business negotiation case study

Learn how a research and advisory firm successfully made the switch from quantity-based sales to a value based selling organization that closes bigger deals.

business negotiation case study

Learn how SEI forged better relationships with critical vendors and solved negotiation impasses even before their negotiation training sessions had ended.

CEO-sales-performanceCEOs are ultimately responsible for company performance, and there’s no area of competency that yields a greater impact on company performance than negotiations. In fact, it is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • Your sales organization has the competence and executes for maximum revenue and profit through greater market share and productivity (measured by your KPIs or E/R performance).
  • Your procurement organization drives bargains that increase the performance and value of critical purchases, while driving down the cost of ownership.
  • Your leadership and business development team forges partnerships with a scientific method for breaking down impasses and managing the negotiation process to yield maximum value for your company and shareholders.

By following K&R’s Win Wisely™ method:

  • Your key leaders and professionals will apply proven negotiation best practices.
  • Sales, procurement and business development teams can focus on value-based principles to improve revenues, margins and market share.
  • You’ll learn how to avoid unnecessary concessions that delay or even derail deals.

The cumulative result? Better financial performance and more value built into your enterprise at every level.

$2.05 Billion in Deals Closed Since 2009

K&R Negotiations has helped its clients close $2.05 billion worth of deals across the globe since 2009 by applying a principled, value-based negotiation methodology called Win Wisely(TM). Either as trainers for your key leaders or as side-by-side mentors on your big deals, our proven methods have increased deal sizes, close rates, and, most importantly, helped our clients create profitable, long-lasting relationships built on a mutual understanding of value.

Our negotiation experts have served some of the largest companies in the world. We have a long pedigree of sales, management, and technology experience that consistently improves negotiation performance.

K&R Negotiations: The Performance-Focused CEO’s Secret Weapon

Global leaders like IBM, EMC, Xerox and Dell have turned to us to sharpen their negotiation skills and improve their outcomes. Maybe you have a critical sale, partnership, acquisition or merger on the horizon. Perhaps you’ve wondered how improved sales and procurement practices will impact your P&L, balance sheet and investor relations. Our deep experience with all facets of business negotiations helps leaders identify and change key behaviors and perspectives that sometimes stand between you and the ideal outcome—a successful deal where all parties walk away satisfied with the value they have received.

Even practiced negotiators stand to benefit from sharpening the tools they bring to the negotiation table. Through training or direct consultation, we can help you achieve better outcomes in all aspects of negotiations:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Equity/Sale of Assets
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing
  • Hybrid and Others

No matter what the deal at hand, we can help. If your sights are set on driving performance and creating prosperity for your stakeholders, K&R Negotiations belongs in your corner.

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