Successful Sales Negotiations
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Learn value-based selling approaches that make you indispensable and your competitors obsolete. With pressure to meet earnings and revenue targets, expand new markets and make the most of every resource, today’s global sales force is the difference between success and failure. Communication and online information are leveling the playing field, creating an extremely competitive environment and shrinking margins.

This easy-to-read white paper addresses key sales negotiation needs:

check Focus the discussions on the ViO™ to the client so you can get out of the price-cutting wars and into value-based sales.  
check Position yourself to create leverage as a high-value partner instead of an interchangeable commodity.  
check Avoid the most common negotiation pitfalls.  
check Apply best practices to increase deal size and margin based on ViO.  
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The Power of Value-Based Negotiations

All sales involve negotiation to some degree. It follows that the more your sales team sharpens their negotiation skills, the more success you can expect over time—quicker closes, increased sales, and customers who believe in the value that you deliver and are ready for repeat business. Even in a B2C environment, understanding the value that your products or services deliver to a customer enables you to get better prices and repeat or referral business.

By learning and applying the principles of value-based selling to craft a singular value argument, your salespeople can systematically set their products and solutions apart from competing providers. They can improve their numbers and their customer relationships at the same time—growing trust and winning lucrative repeat business. In this situation, your company will become the incumbent seller that is difficult to unseat.

sales negotiation whitepaper coverHow to position yourself as a unique solution to command higher prices, preserve margins and gain business respect.

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