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Training Companies across the World

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, companies are compelled to adapt and improve to succeed. Whether operating regionally, nationally or internationally, the skills and capabilities of staff members directly affect critical business outcomes. By enhancing employee skills in sales negotiation or business negotiation, companies experience far-reaching benefits like more satisfied customers, bigger deal sizes and more lucrative long-term relationships.

Negotiations Fundamentals that Transcend Cultural Barriers

Successful business negotiation is often more than just closing the deal. It’s about building the relationship. Properly planned and executed, a successful negotiation will transcend cultural differences in communication, business style, expectations and commitments. How deals are approached in the negotiation process will have a significant impact beyond closing the initial transaction. Successful negotiation creates the credibility and leverage necessary for more opportunities, better and bigger deals and more satisfied partners and clients.

Focusing on Successful Long-Term Outcomes

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K&R Negotiations helps improve our clients’ profitability by providing the tools and training necessary to win wisely in business negotiations. With a strong international presence and unique, multinational negotiating expertise, K&R is the resource of choice for organizations that look to expand their negotiating expertise to win new clients, gain more business from existing clients, and build robust, profitable relationships. We serve some of the world’s premier global organizations, such as IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

Our clients have relied on the K&R team to close transactions worth billions of dollars across the globe. We look forward to showing you how to apply the proven principles of negotiations to create win/win situations and effectively contend in today’s global marketplace.