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We are a global negotiation training and consultancy firm with more than 30 years
experience in helping companies increase deal size and build more profitable relationships.

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K&R已经成功地应用Win Wisely™(K&R智取)方法帮助到全球最大的一些公司,数年来提高了数亿美元的成交额。在每一次合作中,我们都在努力地灌输一种方法,这种方法不再强调“割喉战术”,转而关注于合作和成交带来的价值。我们的Win Wisely™方法提供了一系列完备的工具和技巧,既能增加交易量和成交速度,又不会自断退路伤了和气。谈判各方离开谈判桌时都能充分理解和认可他们所收获的价值,这种价值在成交之后也会一直延续。
我们知道这种方式从长远来看更加划算,因为良好的关系比恶劣的关系会为您带来更多的机会。想了解更多关于我们如何帮助您Win Wisely™,请联系我们

“Deal size has tripled as we apply our skills and focus on the accounts that will help the company grow faster.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nerac, Inc.

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Satisfaction Scale: 94% gave the highest rating

Over 21 thousand business professionals have participated in K&R sessions. This data is compiled from attendees in Europe, the US and Asia.

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Win Wisely in Business Negotiations

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