$2.05 Billion in
Client Deals Closed

From medium-sized companies to the Fortune Global 100, our methodology delivers results.

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Are You Leaving
Money on the Table?

See how our client closed a deal
for $2 million more than expected.

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Did the Big
Deal Get Away?

We help you analyze and neutralize the barriers between you and the lucrative close.

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Bigger deals.
Better deals. Faster.

Preserve your margin.
Shorten your close cycle.

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Our Negotiation Success Stories
Client Testimony
Learn hour our clients used our outcome-based negotiation training to achieve higher close rates, larger deal sizes and more profitable relationships.

Serving Diverse Industries
From financial services to technology and manufacturing, we've helped some of the world's leading companies get big results.

Negotiation Training, Example Clients
Our work with K&R yielded immediate impact. I saw improvement in how we demonstrated value at the table so that our clients understood it. Deal size has tripled as we apply our skills and focus on the accounts that will help the company grow faster.
– Kevin Blackwell, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing